1. Just replaced my old Jasic CT312 with the Lotos CT520D (Brown).
    Haven’t used it yet. The old machine served me well no complaints. Just hope this machine is as good.
    The main reason for getting the Ct520D is for thicker cutting ability.
    I would like to know the difference between the CT520, Red, Blue, and Brown? I have seen all three in the Lotos advertisements. I know that it looks like the Blue ones have toggle switches where the Brown has digital controls.

    1. Hey Gerald,

      I am not sure about the blue version but the brown one has some upgrade on PC Board, added the digital display, pre-installed air regulator and the upgraded torch. Hope that helps a bit.

  2. Thanks for reviewing CT520D, which seems a popular welder to me.
    Since it is a combination of 3 processes such as TIG, Stick and plasma cutters so it provides good flexibility to meet multi-purpose requirements.

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