Welding machines are a must for those who want to build strong and durable structures for home or business needs. Whether you are an amateur or professional, a welding machine will always come in handy to you.

I needed a small and affordable welding machine for my own works. I found a lot of welders available in the market but finding a relatively small yet powerful one is not easy. The problem I faced was that most welders are either weak or come with a complex design. Fortunately, Hobart Champion 145 solved my issues.

You need a small yet easy-to-use engine driven welder when you are a homeowner or have a shop and need to do some light welding works. Today in this Hobart Champion 145 reviews, we will learn about this small yet durable machine that will definitely suit your needs.

Hobart Champion 145 Reviews
Hobart Champion 145 Engine Driven Welder

Things to Consider Before Buying an Engine Driven Welder

No matter what you want to do, buying the correct machine for your work is mandatory. You can’t just buy a machine and walk away without studying about it a bit.

Here in this Hobart Champion 145 reviews, we will look at some pointers required for buying an engine driven welder. After reading this, you will know what you need to buy in order to meet your needs.

Is Engine Driven Welder For You?

If you are a hardcore welder and want a heavy-duty machine for industrial applications, this machine is definitely not for you.

A home or non-professional user should get this welder for their simple jobs, especially if they are tight on budget and wants the best against price.

Though, if you are a regular welder and want a secondary machine for the simplest jobs, you may want to buy this for yourself too. But we definitely not recommend this for professional use.

How Much Fuel Can It Hold?

Buying machines with a bigger fuel tank will always keep you a step ahead. Maybe you are not a professional and you don’t need a machine to work for you all day long, but having a bigger fuel tank will help you to get relief from refueling again and again.

Choosing fuel type is important too. A diesel engine lasts longer while a gas engine performs better. You have to sacrifice one for another and that’s a fact.

Therefore, look at fuel type and capacity before buying a machine.

Can It Deliver Enough Power?

Power requirement is not the same for every welding machine. A lot of them come with high power capacity and some with low. But for an irregular welder, a welder with high power capacity is not required.

Small welding jobs draw less power and getting a high-powered machine is overkill for that. You shouldn’t get a high-powered welding machine for home or shop welding.

Therefore, get a welding machine with perfect power capacity as your needs.


About a decade ago, we thought that 1 year warranty is enough for a welding machine.  But nowadays 3 years of warranty is common.

A longer period of warranty guarantees more time for you to find issues in the machine. It’s not uncommon for an electrical machine to have issues. With a longer warranty, you have no worries about them.


Mobility is not a must for an amateur welder. If you don’t need to do heavy construction work and move your welding machine to different construction sites, you don’t need a portable welder.

But buying a portable welder actually helps you for the future. You may need to move the machine while shifting house or if you want to help your neighbor. So before buying a welding machine, keep the mobility thing in mind.

Presenting The Hobart Champion 145

What do you expect from a welder that comes on the first when you search the web for the best welding machines? This welding machine is one of the best in the market since arrival.

For a long period of time, it’s been the best choice among home and amateur welders for their jobs. They use it and are very pleased with its performance and durability.

General Specifications

Title Champion® 145 Welder/Generator
Fuel Tank Size 6.25 gal.
Fuel Type Gasoline
Weldable Metals Steel
Stainless Steel
Specialty Metals
Rated Output 130 A @ 30% Duty Cycle
Single Phase Generator Continuous Power 4000 W
Single Phase Generator Peak Power 4500 W
Current Type DC
Amperage Range 40 – 145
Weld Output CC
Net Width 20.625 in
Net Height 24.75 in
Net Length 31.25 in
Net Weight 222 lbs
Warranty 3 Years

Let’s checkout the specs from product catalog as well –

Hobart Champion 145 Specifications

Performance level

When it comes to performance, Hobart doesn’t compromise about it.  The Hobart Champion 145 gives the best to the users while welding. This welder/generator is light and does its job with maximum efficiency. If you are looking for something more powerful then check Hobart Champion Elite.

Who needs to buy this welding machine

It’s not necessary that every engine driven welder out there in the market has to be professional at their purpose. Hobart Champion 145 is not suitable for professional usage.

This welding machine is not made for heavy multitasking or construction based welding. This welder generator is for the lightest job for casual welders.

That’s why no professional should buy this. But if you think that you need a secondary welding machine for your small jobs, you can give this a shot.

What people have to say

This machine has impressed the people using it. They said that it provides good value for money. They found it very much versatile and it can be used with ease.

These are the reasons why people are so impressed. They stood in favor of Hobart Champion 145. That’s why this machine has held the top position in the market of welders/generators.

Hobart Champion 145 User Feedback
Hobart Champion 145 User Feedback


  • Value for money
  • Both AC and DC capability
  • Light-weight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Durability and Reliability
  • Easy to use
  • Noiseless machine
  • Portable
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Versatile Receptacles


  • Not for heavy and industrial applications

Hobart Champion 145 Reviews: Features and Benefits

Monstrous Engine

This generator has a gas-powered Briggs & Stratton Intek 4-cycle OHV engine. This engine can run at 10 HP and features 4500 surge watts. So it’s able to deliver 4000 watts continuously for your jobs.

There is a large pan-cake styled muffler. It is great for sound reduction. So it provides a quiet environment.


As this machine is lightweight and small enough to handle, it is portable. It comes with running gear for mounting, making it more portable for you.  The generator has some extra protection from the frame of the gear.

The machine weighs only 222 lb, so a single or two persons can move it from one place to another.

3 year extended warranty

When it comes to electronic machines, it’s not unusual for them to have technical issues.

Electrical machines are prone to have manufacturing issues. With Hobart Champion 145, you have 3 years of warranty, so you don’t have to worry about technical difficulties.

AC and DC welding output

This welder is able to produce 4000 watts of continuous AC output for magnetic metal welding. The engine provides DC power for stable welding.

Easy control maintenance

It’s not easy to maintain an engine driven welder. But that is not true for Hobart Champion 145. You can single-handedly maintain and control it with ease.

Here’s a tip, the gasoline-powered engine has a duty cycle of 30%. So give your welder 7 minutes for resting after every 3 minutes of welding.

Use a single pass to weld 1/8 inches-1/4” inches. Trust us, you don’t need more than a single pass.

Alternates You May Consider

Engine Driven Welder, Bulldog 5500
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Price on Amazon
Engine Driven Welder, Bulldog 5500
Average Rating
Number of Reviews
Price on Amazon

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Check out our review of Lincoln Bulldog 5500.

Wrapping Up

Every home welder wants a simple and quiet machine at affordable prices. But most of the welding machines in the market are not able to suit those needs. Thanks to Hobart Champion 145, it is one of the best fit available in the market to fulfill the user’s requirement.

Firstly, it’s a powerful home welding machine with a lightweight and simple design. It is fully capable to deliver the power a welder might need.

Secondly, this welder can do stick and MIG welding with ease for hours. It has a good fuel capacity to do these jobs uninterruptedly.

Most importantly, it’s cost-effective. You don’t have to spend a lot on the simplest welding jobs.

So if you want an affordable welder with high performance, you don’t need to look further. Click here to check out the latest price on Amazon.

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