In a world where wire welders are gaining popularity by the minute, true stick welders still hold a place in the heart of people. Why?

One of the problems that I faced using a welder is that wired welders could not go through big and wide chunks of steel or cast irons. But a big part of a welding machine is to make holes or to cut metal sheets into several pieces.

If the iron sheet is thicker than 16 gauge, you’ll have enough problems to cut through. But the Lincoln AC 225 helped me solve the problem. Because where other welders lose their touch, this one is just getting started on its workability. You can easily penetrate 16 gauge and more.

This Lincoln ac 225 review is about letting you make a choice while buying your designated welder. Despite being in the game for over 40 years in this exact same model and shape, why it’s still one of the best sellers of Lincoln, we will discuss this today.

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Lincoln AC 225 Review
Lincoln Buzz Box

Things To Consider Before Buying A Stick Welder

As a reviewer, it’s our duty to let you know if you’re buying the correct product or not. So, we find some pointers and characteristics that make any product suitable for you to buy.

Also, we compare those characteristics to find the perfect and the best product available in the market. We’re letting you know about these pointers so that you can judge a product yourself.

So, before buying a stick welder, you should consider-

  • Who is it for
  • Why is it unique
  • AC/DC feature
  • Price

Who Is It For?

The buyer’s profession can judge a product. Not all professionals have the same use for the same product. So, out of all the professions available, the following have the perfect use for a stick welder-

  • Farmers
  • Pipe workers
  • Home welders
  • Manufacturing workers

Farmers and builders use stick welders because they are portable and can be carried everywhere.

On the other hand, it’s not suitable for automobile works or artwork as the welded appearance is a very big issue. When using stick weld, the appearance of the welded metal is not appealing.

Why Is It Unique?

The simplicity and versatility of the stick welder make it unique. One thing is sure that a stick welder can get the job done while other welders might not perform well.

Because a stick welder does not concentrate on the appearance of the welding. Rather it concentrates on fine craftsmanship. That’s what makes it unique to other welding machines.

AC/DC Feature

Stick welders have both AC and DC features. AC welders are meant for efficiency and DC welders are meant for smoothness.

Though people prefer DC welders per se, AC welders deliver efficient work in the least amount of time. That’s why being old, still, people prefer AC welders all the way.


Newer welder models are getting cheaper due to the limited price of materials. On the other hand, some are getting expensive due to the extra features.

But stick welders have the same design from previous models. Thus, the pricing is within the range and affordable for everyone who wants to have a fine welding machine that can get the work completed.

Presenting Lincoln AC 225 Stick Welder: The Lincoln Buzz Box!

Save $124.72
Product Features
202 Reviews
Product Features
  • Broad welding amperage range of 40A to 225A
  • Versatile use, designed for operation with metals 16-gauge & heavier
  • Powerful welder, smooth AC arc & can be used with a wide variety of metal
  • Great for use with a variety of variety of metals, including stainless steel, steel & cast iron
  • Output Range: 40-225 Amps AC

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The Lincoln ac 225 is famous for creating a benchmark in the stick welder’s world. For 40 straight years, this has been in this same model. So, this is actually forever because most of the welders have had newer models integrated every now and then.

But people trust this machine. That’s why Lincoln has kept their device just the way it was.

Lincoln AC welders have a reputation for giving the most significant smooth performance while welding. As you know, welding is not a smooth job. It gets a lot bumpier than it looks.

But the Lincoln ac 225 manages to keep the bumps on the down low and provide maximum efficiency at an amperage of 225. Cutting edge performance is what to expect from this device.

The ‘Buzz’ name came from the fact that this welding machine makes a buzzing sound during operation.


  • Efficient workability
  • Portable size
  • More concentrated on work rather than finishing
  • 40-225 amps power
  • Can weld cast irons and stainless steel
  • Great for use on a variety of metals
  • Great welding amperage
  • 3 years of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Powerful machine
  • Smooth welding


  • Not eligible for international shipping in some marketplaces

Lincoln AC 225 Review: Features and Benefits


Input Power
  • 230/1/60
Rated Output
  • 225A/25V/20%
Input Current
  • 50A
Output Range
  • 40-225A AC
Dimensions (H x W x D) 24 in x 17.25 in x 12 in (610 mm x 438 mm x 305 mm)
Net Weight 96.00 (43.55 kg)

Powerful welder

Get this, most of the welding machines of the 21st century have a limit of not going through metals thicker than 16 gauge. But the Lincoln AC 225, starts where others fail.

It can easily weld through 16 gauge and above. That makes it a very powerful welding machine suitable for heavyweight construction work.

For instance, if you have thick pipes that need welding when you can’t count on other welders, close your eyes and select the Lincoln ac 225. It’ll get the work done before you know it

Thermal protection

One little security concern while welding is that the device can get pretty warm. Sometimes overheating can cause the devices to worn out or even blast to the abyss and cause mass destruction. People can get hurt.

This happens when the device doesn’t have proper cooling. Mostly, cheap non-brands have a problem like this. But the Lincoln will not disappoint you.

It has external thermal protection that keeps the device cool for a certain period of time delivering more work time.

Long power cord

Some might think having a long power cord is really a normal feature. But most of the welding machines out there don’t have long power cords thus people have to buy them externally.

But with the Lincoln 225, you don’t need any external power cord. Some might think why do we need an external power cord. The thing is, a power cord keeps you at a safe distance. It’s important to be safe while welding as it’s really dangerous work.


A welding machine has to have maximum portability to ensure that you can carry it to different worksites. It is not fixed for one job only. You have to take it to different places to work on different projects.

So having the maximum portability is necessary to do that. The Lincoln 225 AC ensures maximum portability.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer this over other machines.


The Lincoln 225 AC comes with 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Most people have reported that they didn’t have to use the warranty at all.

This proves that the device itself gives you a guarantee of service. But the warranty is necessary. There might be some technical manufacturing defect that might cause harm.

So, the warranty helps you to keep on the safe side. Most companies don’t provide 3 years warranty but Lincoln electric is very confident about this product. That’s why they give 3 years warranty on this welding machine.

Final Words

The main problem that people face while buying a welding machine is incomplete penetration and fusion. Mostly, newer models or wired models of welders don’t have the power or amperage that can penetrate through thick metals and fuse two pieces of metal together.

But with this stick welder model, you’ll not face any issues. If you have read the Lincoln 225 AC review carefully, you should know why this is the best solution.

Firstly, the stick welder makes you able to penetrate over 16 gauge metal and even cast iron. That completes the penetration expected from a welder.

Also, Lincoln 225 works on 225 amp ensuring maximum fusion among metals. That’s how it maximizes the power and ensure 100% efficiency.

So, it’s the best choice to take if you’re willing to buy the best one in the market. Now, click here to know more about the prices and other information about the Lincoln 225 AC.

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